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ConnectEDU Network connects the unique perspectives and expert insight of higher education through podcasting. If you’re affiliated with higher education – from professor to director of marketing – you’ll be able to find a podcast that fits your style.  Our podcasts are produced and hosted by passionate and innovative members of the field, all fueled by the excitement of the future of higher education.

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The Journey to Josie & The Podcast

In early middle school, the number one item on my birthday wishlist was a Talkboy. If I have already lost you based upon our age differences, the Talkboy “toy” was a byproduct of the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. The main character Kevin used a recording...

Dustin the Higher Ed Geek

Greetings podcast fam! My name is Dustin and I’m the creator and host of The Higher Ed Geek Podcast, where we explore the intersections of passions, strengths, and purpose. We also share in the things we all geek out about, from sports, to video games, movies, to...

Jackie from Higher Ed Social

I’m Jackie Vetrano, and for me, ConnectEDU was a little dream in October 2017. Now, it’s here and I couldn’t be more excited. I don’t quite remember how or why I started listening to podcasts, but I distinctly remember listening exclusively to a playlist of them as I...

An Introduction to ConnectEDU

No two colleges or universities are alike - some have a small student to faculty ratio, some are located smack in the center of a bustling city. Others are nationally-known for their athletics programs while others are leading the way on important health research (or...

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