No two colleges or universities are alike – some have a small student to faculty ratio, some are located smack in the center of a bustling city. Others are nationally-known for their athletics programs while others are leading the way on important health research (or sometimes both).

The one thing that’s the same across higher education? Silos.

It’s the effect that happens at every campus in varying degrees and can impact the quality of students’ experiences on campus, marketing and other communications materials, or even the food in the dining hall.

But now there’s a way to break down those silos, and all you need is a connection to the internet and a sturdy pair of headphones.

ConnectEDU Network is the first dedicated podcast network for higher education. Hosts of podcasts on the network are passionate about higher education – from enrollment growth to fundraising strategies – and listeners can easily jump in to a podcast on their favorite topic. More importantly, ConnectEDU has become the premiere hub for higher education podcasts giving listeners a chance to learn more about a new division on campus and ultimately break down silos built from simply not knowing what their colleagues are dealing with each day.

Podcasting is on the rise in higher education, and not just the professionals listening to them. Colleges and Universities are slowly entering the podcast space in a variety of ways; touting faculty success, highlighting important events, and telling the overall story of the institution. ConnectEDU has also built a Facebook community for higher education podcasters and enthusiasts to join together to talk about all things podcasts. The pros of podcasting in higher ed are members of the community to help build connections and ultimately serve as resources for professionals who are looking to start their own podcast; both for work and for themselves. The community is open to anyone interested in the topic, and is welcome to ask questions, build connections, or promote their own podcasts.

ConnectEDU can be found online at or on Twitter @ConnectEDUpod. Anyone in higher ed can join the conversation with #ConnectEDU on Twitter – share great resources (podcasts or otherwise) to help us break down those silos!

Have questions about the network? Curious about starting your own podcast? Have ideas for topics or guests? Know of an awesome show that should be a part of the network? Please reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for checking us out and happy listening!